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Delicious Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding cake is one of those expenses that can set you back hundreds of dollars and the more elaborate, complex, and exotic cake you want the higher the price will be. But there are always alternatives to big tiered cakes and they can be as delicious.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding Croquembouche

Cake Pops or Cake Shooters

Cake pops are fun, cake shooters are more fun. These cool cake alternatives are simply unusual and will most definitely appeal to kids and adults alike. They can be very different, especially the cake shooters that can come in tiered form.


Croquembouche is a French dessert that consists of cream-filled pastry constructed in a cone form held together by caramel. Doesn’t it sound delicious? And it will visually resemble a dramatic wedding cake.

Sweet Towers

Towers made of sweets like macarons or Oreos are quite popular wedding cake alternatives too. You can get the visual and still save on the actual cake.

You can also have fruit or berries in the form of towers with cookies and small tarts. This is a great summer wedding cake alternative that is very refreshing but also beautiful.

Ice Cream

Our most favorite cake alternative, however, is ice cream. It can be fruitty or chocolate or any kind you like. You can also order a selection of flavors to treat each and every one of your guests to their favorite one.

Of course, if you decided to have a dessert bar instead of dinner you can treat your guests to multiple different desserts and even a chocolate fountain. Think macarons, brownies, creampuffs, cannolis, and pies. If you want something unusual think cotton candy, sorbet, and s’mores.

Other Alternatives

With a bit more traditional approach you can order a small cake of your choice for you and your family and offer the sheet cake of same flavor or half servings to the guests. You can also offer the cake in cupcake form to the guests and have a full cake for yourselves.

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