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30 Adorable Black&White Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake in monochrome
When it comes to a cake, no person will ever be able to resist the temptation to try it. No matter what kind of a diet you are on, there is no way you can escape this route and avoid having one or two pieces of the delicious dessert. The probability of such an outcome increases even more when it comes to beautifully designed pastry. Therefore, you have not a single chance to overcome the desire to have a bite on something that features an outstanding embellishment. This is partly a reason people decorate their wedding cakes in some intricate ways – to match the style of the event and make guests’ mouths water. If you are searching for the right wedding cake, then this post will provide you with 30 adorable ideas of what monochrome cake can look like.

Monochrome Wedding Cakes: 30 Awesome Examples

I am quite sure that you will be equally overwhelmed with every single piece showcased below. While most of the wedding desserts feature pastel colors (predominantly pink), you can show off your individuality and impeccable taste and go for one of these striking pieces. As you browse through the gallery below, you will find yourself dreaming of these stunning cakes and imagining yourself trying out every each of them.

If you would rather go for something very simple, then here is a perfect option for you. Just design your multi-layered cake in black and white and add a couple of mastic florals in a matching palette. I have no doubt that such an elegant and exquisite item will fit into the concept and agenda of your wedding reception and make your guests want a piece even more.

One can easily go for wedding cupcakes – which is a very worthy option to try. You can still order a regular single-layered cake, but the rest of the yummy construction will be presented by beautiful and quite appealing cupcakes in either matching or contrasting design. This will keep you from cutting the whole cake into pieces, which will definitely save your time and effort. Besides, the overall impression will be much more alluring – there are not so many couples that prefer cupcakes to a conventional wedding dessert; so if you want to stand out, this will be the best option.

In case you prefer delicate and very exquisite embellishment, then you will totally fall in love with this lovely cake. The lace-like design along the piece reminds one of a very intricate and sophisticated outfit styled in 80s. I am pretty sure that you will find it quite hard to resist the beauty and power of such a delicious and magnificent item, so go ahead and opt for a similar design to treat your dearest guests with. The smooth white surface is offset by the black embellishment, whereas asymmetrical pattern adds up to the overall impression.

You can go for something extremely unique and outstanding and choose this adorable cake in gray, black and white. The piece features an absolutely adorable design which immediately captures one’s attention. So if you are planning to make this dessert a key element of your event, then this might be the right route to take. There is nothing in the cake that would give its delicious nature away. In fact, it looks like a large gray napkin wrapped around in a complex way and adorned with beautiful flowers in black and white. However, this piece is edible just like any other out of the presented below. So do not even hesitate if your beloved one points at such a cake.

One way to make your wedding reception memorable is to provide the attendees of your event with the right kind of a dessert, as this is what is served the last. Make sure you spend a significant amount of time drafting all your details. And of course pay enough attention to what you guests will an access to during the event. I can guarantee that such an epic cake will trigger nothing else than admiration and huge love from the side of your relatives and friends. The 8-layered piece features individual cakes in monochrome that are embellished in a Victorian style: pearl beads themselves create a stunning impression and a very strong idea.

These are the most astonishing wedding cakes in monochrome. To check more, browse through the gallery below and enjoy the delicious images.

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