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Winter Wedding Makeup Tips

Want to create a flawless wedding look, then take into consideration that the right colors in your wedding makeup are essential for the perfect look. Ideally, the wedding makeup colors should complement your hairstyle and wedding gown for the photoshoot-perfect look. We are presenting you the useful tips on the winter wedding makeup.

Makeup tips for winter wedding

One of the key conditions of the flawless wedding makeup is the ideal condition of your skin. Far before the wedding day comes, get used to the habit of makeup removing, skin cleansing and moisturizing both in the morning and in the evening for the smooth and breakouts-free skin. For evening your skin tone apply the concealer and foundation you are already used to in order to avoid the skin irritation. Consider using the primer, which will allow your makeup better adhere to the skin.
The winter wedding makeup should be necessarily pale, so consider applying the bronzer that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone. Brush it along the areas where the sun usually hits. Try to avoid the bronzer with heavy shimmer or glitter since it will make your skin look greasy on the photos. As for the blush tone, look for the color that will match your skin tone: warm or cool. Blush in the garish tones or heavy bronzers are not the best choices for the wedding makeup. Warm skin tone calls for the blush in the peach and tan gamma, while cooler skin tones require blush in the pink and plum.
Often eyes become an accent in the wedding makeup. Regardless the fact whether you want to look natural or go for the clearly made up makeup, you still want your eye makeup to be clean cut and precise. The soft gamma of champagne and nude with a taupe or brown contour suits the bridal makeup the best way. Just make sure to thoroughly blend the colors in order to avoid the crude lines.
As for the evening wedding in the formal style, consider the smoky eye makeup. Apply the soft charcoal or dark brown as a highlighting shade, which allow creating the stunning smoky eye makeup without vulgar effect from the black eye shadows. The mascara should be in the same color gamma as your makeup. So opt for the brown mascara to match the warm tones, while black mascara will work well with cool hues.
The golden rule of any makeup is accentuating either the eyes or the lips. So, in case you want your eyes to stand out, it would be better to keep your lips nude or light pink, while red lip color should be combined with light eye makeup or simple black eyeliner, which allows creating the look in the old Hollywood style.bridal-wedding-makeup

Besides that, when applying the red lip color you should use the primer to avoid feathering, which should be followed up with nude lip liner. Apply lipstick with a creamy texture first, then blot, and finally the final layer of lipstick. Finish the look with a lip gloss.bridal-wedding-makeup


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