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Wedding Make Up Tips

In case you want to save on one of the costly expense item and got engaged with the wedding make up yourself or engage a friend of you who is not bad at faces transformation. Following these useful tips will guarantee you the perfect make up during the entire day of your wedding.

Tips on wedding make up

Concealer and foundation. First apply concealer along with foundation. Be careful when choosing the color of foundation. Go for the shade that maximally suits your natural skin tone, anything too pale will make you look faded when worn with the white or ivory dress. Applying the bit of the bronzing powder will add the bit of color and thus vivify your look. If you opt for the low cut dress, don’t forget to sweep the bronzing powder across the chest area.
With the abundance of the charming “shine” products  available on the market, try to not to overuse them since on the photos the smallest mistake with the “shine” product will make it appear as the sweat. Once applying the highlighter, put some on the brow bones, cheekbones and a slight touch in the middle of your lips. When wearing the low cut dress, you should add some on the décolletage area. Remember, too many sparkling on your face will look strange on the photos. Usually brides stick to the matte skin.

You wedding make up will also depend on the season you are getting married. For instance, summer time requires the moderation of shine on your face; you should rather stick to the colored lip-gloss. The lightweight will also work perfect for summer since you don’t want your make up to melt in the sun.
As for the winter wedding make up, here you can allow yourself creating the stronger look than your everyday make up. Keep in mind that during the very cold day you may need using the green concealer since it allows to prevent the redness on your face.

Lipstick. The simple trick on making your lipstick last all day long- first apply a lip primer for giving your lips an even surface and to get rid of tiny flakes. Instead, you may use your foundation and let it dry, what will create a perfect base. Afterwards line the lips contour with a lip pencil of the same tone as your lipstick. Dab lips with the tissue and reapply your lipstick, repeat this action twice. Now your lipstick is supposed to stay on for entire day. Even if your lips start wearing off, the lip pencil underneath won’t let them look patchy.
Foundation or concealer are usually applied to the certain areas like around the nose etc, they can become quite a good base for the eye shadows and lipstick as well.

Eyebrows. Here you just cannot manage it without the professional make up artist. Have them professionally shaped slightly before your big day. Keep in mind that eyebrows play the significant role in your make up and ideally shaped eyebrows can bring a huge improvement to your face.
For reaching the bigger eyes effect, opt for the dark navy mascara, especially in case you are dark skinned and have brown eyes. Brown mascara in turn can make your eyes appear tired.

To visually lift your eyes, apply the highlighter just below your brown bone. Those women who have the small eyelids should use the bit of highlighter in the center of the eyelid and a dark brown eye shadows in the eyelid crease. White or ivory eyeliner in the rim of your eye also allow them to look brighter. If you want to brighten your glance, use the highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes.
Blush. For the natural flush effect, apply the light pink blush in the natural shades on the apples of your cheeks. It is important not to be too harsh, especially in case you plan drinking alcohol during the wedding day.

Items to have at your fingertips during the wedding day
– Cotton buds for wiping away any stains under your eyes
– Lip gloss or lipstick
– Translucent powder to remove the sweaty patches
– Breath freshener
– Tiny phial of your perfume in order to keep smelling awesome throughout the entire day.

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