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Tips on Beauty Week Before the Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look her best on the big day and you are not an exception. With our detailed guide you will learn about the ways of acquiring the most attractive look for your wedding day.

Week of beauty before the wedding day

Day 7
Dos: If you still didn’t find time to exercising, you may try to make up for the lost time and tone your body a bit. Devote at least an hour per day to working out and it will not only provide you with the toned looking body on your big day, but also save you from pre-wedding jitters and fulfill you with the positive energy.
Young Beautiful bride
Don’ts: avoid cutting or coloring your hair. Get the new haircut at least two weeks before and color it at least ten days before the wedding day. Also, stay away from the significant changes with your haircut or hair color since the result could be far from the expected one. Beside, you might have already done the hair trial with the current length and texture.

Day 6
Dos: It is the perfect time for getting the full facial. Those women with the sensitive skin should be careful with the extractions. The facial will provide you with the healthy and fresh looking face skin just in time for your wedding. Besides, try to stay out of the sun and use sunscreens with SPF 25 minimum to protect your face and body from unwanted sunburn.
Woman Getting Facial Treatment
Don’ts: Never ever do the chemical peels, laser treatments and injections of any kinds since they might not only heal by the day of your wedding but also lead to the negative results. Go the safer way!

Day 5
Dos: Start with the regular daily exfoliation procedures. This will help you not only remove the dead skin cells and clear blemishes, but also sooth your skin. Besides, you may include in your daily treatment procedures applying the at-home air mask for the shinning and vibrant-looking hair.
Don’ts: You need to avoid taking two products like alcohol and salt as they both may result the water retention. The puffiness could be also caused by consuming the refined sugars and caffeine.

Day 4

Dos: Under stress people tend to have the lower level of B vitamins that are essential for cognitive function. The vitamins B and C are the ones that prevent aging and act as significant antioxidants in fighting off illnesses. So don’t forget to take the vitamin dosage daily in order to calm your nerves and improve your immune system.
Don’ts: Don’t appoint the eyebrow and bikini wax later than 4 days before the wedding day. The 4-day period will be enough to the irritation and redness to disappear. Just like with the haircut, don’t experiment with the shape and keep up with the natural eyebrows arch.

Day 3
Dos: It is about a time to abstract yourself from the beauty vanity and spend some nice time with your fiancé. The intimate couple’s massage is one of the ways of relaxing the muscular tension created by the stressful wedding-planning.
If you want to add the bit of tanning on your skin, don’t forget to get the spray tan. Sunless tans are the best option in getting the nice skin tone without hurting your health. Two-day period is enough for the color to dry and not to leave stains on your dress.

Day 2
Dos: It is time for getting the bridal manicure and pedicure. It will provide you with enough time for drying and will exclude the possibility of chipping. The latest trend in the nail treatment industry is the gel nail polish that can stay on nails up to two weeks. So, you won’t have to worry about your manicure even through the honeymoon.
Wedding manicure
Try to stay away from stressful situations, keep calm. Instead of the habitual shower, take the warm bath with aromatic oils in order to reduce the level of stress. Afterwards, go to bed as early as possible in order to get the main beauty procedure- healthy sleep.

Day 1
This is it- the big day is here. Start your wedding day with the light, but at the same time healthy breakfast that would contain enough of whole grains, protein and fruit. This set will give you the essential energy throughout the entire day. Besides, who knows when there will be the next time you will eat.
Reserve at least 3 hours for your beauty preparations otherwise you will feel stressed and pressed because of the limited time- enjoy every single second of this sweet preparation process.

At the last but not the least touch- spray a big of your favorite scent on the neck area in order to


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