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Summer Wedding Makeup Tips & Ideas

If you are having a summer wedding makeup might be a trickier part of your beauty look. Melting products and oily sheen don’t look at all attractive and may ruin your wedding pictures so here are some tips and ideas on how to avoid the disaster.

Summer Wedding Makeup Ideas

Summer Wedding Makeup

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup simply lasts longer when it comes in touch with moist and sweat. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are great at high temperatures so opt for liquid waterproof eyeliner instead of a pencil eyeliner to prevent your makeup from melting.


Using primer to prep your eyes or lips before applying makeup is a great thing especially when it come to ensuring the longevity of your maquilage.

Minimum Products

In summertime the lighter makeup is prefered since it isn’t as visible when it melts and you let your skin breath. Think wearing only mascara and a lipstick for the day and skip the highlighting, shimmery products like meterorites as they might make your skin look even more oily.

Matte Finish

If the wedding is outside and it’s hot it will be almost impossible to achieve the matte finish. But you can make it work by using and anti-shine cream or powder to get the look and let the sweat create a dewy look for you. Keep the tissues close to blot the excess of oil and sweat whenever needed.

Keep Cool

While planning a summer wedding keep in mind that your dress should not only be beautiful but also a bit practical. For hot summer consider a short wedding dress or consider changing in a lighter reception dress after the ceremony. You can also keep cool in shade of the trees in your venue or in tents and under umbrellas. The less you’ll sweat the more chances the makeup will stay intact longer.

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