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Red Lipstick For Bridal Makeup

Red lipstick might be a classic but many brides tend to opt for a neutral color palette for their big day. It might be because it’s easy to maintain or because the bright color tends to have an intemidating nature. Nevertheless, bridal makeup can do splendid with red lipstick especially if you’re doing an old Hollywod style wedding.

How to Pull Off Red Lipstick in Bridal Makeup

Coordinate with Style

Vintage style wedding or the one styled to an old Hollywood theme may not only allow but it also implies the red lipstick. If, however, you’re planning a formal ceremony and celebration you can choose a more toned-down version of the color in such lip products as lip stain or lip gloss.

Choose Your Kind of Red

When getting your test makeup done ask your makeup artist to try several shades of red on you to make sure you’ll be wearing the right kind of red that will complement your skin tone and hair color.

Keep Makeup Simple

With red lipstick you might want to stick to soft eyes and ever so slightly blushed cheeks to avoid a makeup disaster and overly colorful look. Keep the mascara to make sure your eyes stand out in the photographs along with a thinner eyeliner line and forgo too much of eyebrow products.

Feel Confident

If red intimidates but at the same time allures you try wearing it some time before wedding. Let it grow on you and make you feel confident. Alas it may not happen but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on red entirey. You can choose pinkier variations if they suit you and try to live with them and get used to wearing brighter colors before deciding on your bridal makeup color palette.

Take a look at some bridal makeup featuring red lipstick in the gallery.

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