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Ideas of Unusual Wedding Manicure

french_manicure French manicure already became a favorite amongst the brides and its advantages are obvious: it is soft, beautiful, stylish, besides it gives the bride’s image the feel of clean-cut and innocence. There are many variations of wedding French manicure starting from the plain one to the one with various types of embellishment like the beadings, crystals and even real feathers. But in case you want to appear extraordinary and try something unique on this special day, check out these original ideas of the wedding manicure and get inspired.

Ideas of wedding manicure

Those fashion- obsessed brides that want to introduce the feel of vogue to their wedding ceremony may opt for the powder blue nail polish, which is a hottest manicure trend of summer 2012.

 blue manicure
 red manicure Red
You may express your wild and passionate side by opting for the hot red nail color.
Silver or white glitters is another option for the conservative brides to add the eye-catching sparkles to the look without being too bold or vulgar.
 sparkles manicure
 Dark manicure Dark
If you plan a wedding in gothic shades, go for the nails in the same color. Black or burgundy will perfectly complement your wedding theme and make the unforgettable memories about your wedding.
The widespread notion that the polish and tips are essential element of the wedding look is exaggerated. You may simply cover your manicured fingers with the topcoat for the neat and nice look.
 natural manicure
 Nails-print-3 Text
You may use your nails as the message tool. Think of it, wouldn’t it be romantic to create the manicure using the words like love, happiness, romanticism, etc.
Nails covered with the lace-inspired patterns won’t leave your hands without the attention. If you want to appear a princess on your own ball, then this option is definitely for you.
 Wedding manicure33
 peach manicure Peach
The low-key but at the same time elegant look could be reached using the nail polish in beige or peach shades.
French with flowers
The typical French manicure obtains the attention-grabbing twist by adding the flowers on certain fingers.
 champagne manicure Champagne
Shades of champagne are just as beautiful and soft as the shades of white. Try replacing the traditional wedding manicure with the French in champagne color.

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