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How To De-Stress Together Before Wedding

Stress can make you feel poorly and leave traces on your face, which you don’t want ever but especially before the big day. There are many reasons to sweat over but it’s also important to not let stress ruin your mood or look. Take note of the things stress makes you do (for instance, eat a lot) or leaves on your body (zits, crow’s feet). There are plenty of ways to de-stress before the wedding but with all that we still recommend preventing and reducing stress in general.

Couple with a dog

Couple with a dog

Wedding planning takes lots of energy and time so take your mind off wedding altogether by going out with friends, playing bowling, working out or doing something that relaxes you. Going to spa and massage is a sure way to get pampered and get rid of stress but if you want something more long-lasting try Zumba, yoga, or pilates. But these are all tried and tested things for relaxation. We offer you something more exciting that you can do with your groom-to-be to de-stress before wedding.

Play Paintball

It might be a totally new territory for both of you but it will surely be a fun and in-a-good-way-exhausting activity. Take friends to play with you on the same team. If you’re not big on paint consider laser tag instead.

Get Away

A nice weekend getaway with your future husband can give you time for a very necessary rest and some alone time together. Go out of town for a fishing trip, skiing or take on any other accessible activity. A country house visit can help you get closer to nature away from the city hustle and wedding planning.

Running couple

Running couple

Go Running

Running together in the mornings in the park or at oceanside can be quite relaxing and calming. You can air your head and boost energy for the entire day plus having the most pleasant company will make any run better. Not too fond of running? Choose some other sport to do together.

Go For A Swim

Swimming is a great way to work out as well as to de-stress. Drive to the ocean or lake or buy a pool membership.

Spend Time With Your Pets

Pets can bring so much joy to your life. Taking them on a ride or simply playing with them can make your both feel relaxed and calm within minutes. Make this time about your little family.

Of course, if you have a stressful demanding job and a wedding to plan you might want to hire a professional, delegate most of the planning to friends and family or de-stress on a daily basis. Think yoga, stretching, dancing, bath, aromatherapy or at home cosmetic treatments.


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