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Guide on Bright Smile for Brides

Every bride wants to appear her best on her special day and have the ideal look from head to toe, including the pearl white smile, which will be not only in the public eye, but also on the numerous photos that will be taken over the course of your wedding day.

The charming smile will provide you with the sense of confidence, which will be essential during the big day. So, in order to look your best on your wedding day and amaze everyone with the beautiful smile, follow our simple guide on both professional and at-home types of teeth treatment that will make your smile brighter.

How to get the bright smile

In- office professional whitening
The main advantage of this method- you will only require a single session. Moreover, it is probably the fastest method to make your teeth whiter. The dentist applies the whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide to the teeth and afterwards exposes them to the heated light.
Smile-bride-teeth-whitening.jpgMouth trays with the custom fit
It is another whitening service you may get when visiting the dentist. Procedure: the whitening gel is being applied to the teeth and being fixed using the custom-fitted tray for a certain time. In the result, you get the same effect as from using the in-office whitening, only this one takes a bit longer. The cost varies from $300 to $900.

At-home whitening
In fact, those at-home methods of teeth whitening like Crest Whitestrips may also have the good result, but keep in mind that it is essential to complete the treatment cycle for the best effect. They are priced at $16 to $50.
Smile-bride-teeth-whitening.jpgBut specialists convince that despite the obvious effect of at-home whitening procedures, there is still a difference between professional and at-home whitening. The professional can help you make your teeth up to five shades whiter, which is impossible to reach using the at-home methods.

When to start whitening
Both professional and at-home whitening procedures should be performed at least two weeks prior the wedding day for the full effect. In case you want to apply the non-professional methods, you’d better start 30 days before the wedding as the lightening agents in these products are not as intensive as those in the professional ones. Strictly follow the instruction on the package.
Smile-bride-teeth-whitening.jpgAvoid certain products
The recently whitened teeth are the most liable to stains so avoid eating the coloring products like coffee, ketchup, red wine and fruits. Using the straw for drinking can help.

Heightened sensitivity
Very often people tend to have the heightened teeth sensitivity. Use anti-sensitivity toothpastes applied to the nagging teeth, moreover you can even leave it for the overnight.
As a rule, the results last up to a year until the new stains appear.

Extending the results
The simplest way to prolong the result of whitening is brushing your teeth with the blend hydrogen peroxide and baking powder from time to time. This will allow removing of stains from popular products like coffee and red wine. Just make sure to apply the blend gently.

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