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Guide for Brides: How to Get the Glowing Skin

There is a bunch of wedding-related articles that teach how to plan your wedding celebration ahead in order to make it a perfect event, but while most of them are concentrated on the things like flower centerpieces, wedding music and catering, there is something else you should pay attention to: the bridal beauty and grooming. Learn how to get the glowing skin on your wedding day with our simple tips.

How to get the glowing skin on your wedding day

Plan beforehand (4-6 months before the wedding)
According to the experts the beauty procedures intended for getting the glowing face skin should start not the day before your actual wedding day, otherwise it won’t really give the obvious results and moreover you may end up with the rash or pimples.
So, the best way is scheduling the health and beauty procedures ahead: ideal time would be starting them six to four months before the actual wedding day. In case you are limited in time, a month of the self-care would guarantee the obvious results and the picture perfect skin.

Take Antioxidants (3 months before the wedding)
The beautiful skin starts on the inside, so if you are looking for the smooth and clean skin, start taking the power foods with beauty-boosting elements three months before the big day like berries, dark grapes and citrus fruits that are loaded vitamins, minerals and antioxidants beneficial for the skin.


Prevent breakouts (1 week before the wedding)
The pre-wedding stress often causes the breakouts, so the best way to avoid them is exfoliation: it will remove the dead skin cells and narrow the clogged pores. Also don’t forget to use the antibacterial products that contain the salicylic acid or tea tree and the water-based moisturizing cream for the healthy cells.
Exfoliate, hydrate and get enough of sleep (1 day before the wedding)
Applying the exfoliant a day prior the wedding will reveal the new cells and guarantee the perfect base for the silky makeup. Sleep is another condition of the glowing and healthy look. If you don’t want to avoid the dark circles on your wedding day, try to get enough sleep, which reduces stress.
Shine controlling (wedding day)
When the wedding day finally takes place, the key thing in your face treatment procedures is controlling the shine and reducing the puffiness. The simple tissue will work best with oil absorbing and thus making your skin look matte and healthy.
Since wedding is accompanied with a lot of stress, it increases the flow of the blood to the skin, so the best way to avoid the puffy face is applying the cold skincare products, which will calm and sooth your skin.


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