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Types of the Wedding Veils Length

Wedding veil is an essential part of the bridal look. Nowadays they are offered in the great variety of styles, lengths and colors, so you will easily find the one that will ideally complement your wedding dress.

The length is the first thing to consider in your wedding veil. You should base the choice of your wedding veil length on your wedding hairstyle. Another way is basing your wedding hairstyle on the wedding veil type.

The wedding veil lengths

Birdcage: it barely covers the bride’s face and perfectly complements the short wedding dresses or the simple dinner suits.
Shoulder length: also called “Blusher veil” since it is usually teamed with the blusher that is used for covering the bride’s face. This veil is about 2 feet long and extends to the bride’s shoulders or collar bone. This length of the bridal veil is usually favored by the first-time brides since it symbolizes the innocence and purity.
Elbow length: this veil reaches the bride’s elbows and usually has the multiple layers. As a rule, all layers have the same length, however sometimes they could differ.
Fingertip length: this is probably the most popular veil length among the contemporary brides. It goes all the way to the bride’s fingertips and perfectly matches almost any wedding dress style, except for those that rise above the ankles.

Ballet length: it goes all the way to the ankles without touching the ground. This type of veil works best with the wedding dresses without trains.
Cathedral length: as a rule, the wedding veils of this length are usually worn with more formal gowns. They usually extend nearly six inches past the edge of the train.

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