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Types of the Wedding Veil Cuts

As we already get acquainted with the distinct wedding veil lengths, it is time to learn about the wedding veil cuts, which are offered in the great range. Thus, you won’t have problems finding the veil that will best complement your wedding dress and overall bridal look.

Types of wedding veils cuts

Standard cut with round corners
This is the most widespread type of wedding veil cut and probably the safest choice. The cut is rounded and gradual and could be offered in any width: sheer- 54’’, standard- 72’’, extra full- 108’’. The end of the veil runs up the sides and is tied into the comb. The number of layers is not limited.
Standard cut with square corners
In this veil type the cut is similar to the one in the standard cut veil, except the corners come in the shape of square. The corners could be either couple inches shorter than the back length or of the same length. This type of veil works best with the lacy trim along the bottom edge.
Center gathered
In this type of veil the fabric with the round cut is used, which is gathered in the center. Since the edging doesn’t have the comb, this center gathered veil usually lies more even. This veil could be made only in even layers like 2, 4 etc. The top layer, in turn, could be utilized as a blusher. With this particular style you have to indicate the front edge since it is usually shorter than the back one.
Rectangular cut
This type is similar to the center gathered one with only exception- the cut is of a rectangular shape. The veil corners fall longer comparing to the back length. This veil type could be also made just in even layers.
Hankerchief cut
Just like in the wedding veils with the rectangular cut, it has the rectangular shape. But in this style the corners are gathered so they fall to the center of the veil as well as to the sides.
Oval cut
This cut implies the slightly rounded corners. You could opt for any number of layers. As for the edging, it is usually gathered into the comb.
Drop Veil
This style is probably the sheerest one out of all presented. It is the piece of fabric that lies over the head and has no gathering. Customarily, this veil carries two functions: the veil and the blusher. However, you are free to wear it as a veil when pulled back. Utilize the pins for attaching the veil to your hairstyle.
Mantilla cut
The mantilla cut veil is almost transparent with almost no gathering at the comb. As a rule this veil twists softly around the shoulder area. However, it could have the square corners as well. By the special order the veil could be tied to the 3″ clear comb without any gathering, however in this case it is impossible to wear it on the top of your head.
Cascading sides cut
The veil with cascading sides resembles the mantilla cut. However in this style the cascades start higher- typically around the shoulders. So it provides more sheerness at the comb. This could be made in any number of layers.
Angel cut
It is a popular option for the veils with the waltz length (54’’) and shorter. Also called the V-cut veil, it is cut the way that the sides hang down in folds and the back length tapers down softly.

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