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Top 5 Wedding Flip Flops

If you think that flip flops are a purely casual piece of footwear, you are awfully wrong. One can come up with a number of ways to wear this item. Of course, there has to be a certain limit to your creativity and individuality; but as long as your outfit looks solid and cool, you can easily rock flip flops with anything you want. What I have to offer below will completely break your stereotypes and change perception about a traditional wedding. Have you ever thought of wearing something other than a pair of skyscraping pumps to a wedding ceremony? And here I am not talking about you as a guest. Imagine that you are a bride who has been running like crazy for the past couple of months and finally your big day has come. I bet, this pair of very pretty but absolutely uncomfortable shoes is the last thing you want to wear (especially if it is summer outside). The best way to save both your feet and your good mood is to sport a pair of flip flops. Of course, you won’t wear the regular ones that you usually sport to the gym or wherever else. Below are some awesome items that will blow your mind the moment you spot them.

5 Loveliest Bridal Flip Flops

My favorite pair of wedding flip flops is designed in a very delicate style. You will also fall in love with this piece as it features a very unique embellishment. While we are used to flip flops that don’t normally have anything except for a couple of studs, this pair stands out from the crowd. I am sure that so will all the following ones do, but I personally feel very addictive to such kind of adornment. I can’t imagine what kind of a lady would not love these lovely petite roses in fuchsia red with pistachio leaves attached to the edges. I think this item looks the most appropriate for a very conventional wedding, where you don’t have to stick to any dress code or other rules.

Next pair is less moderate, but still very engaging. Those ladies who prefer to always shine – be it a  pair of high heels or just flip flops – will totally love this item. For one thing, it is all encrusted with sparkly crystals. And who on earth would not love to have glimpses of light on their feet? Also, the wedge design adds up to this footwear piece, as flip flops normally do not add to one’s height. However, in this case it is way different. Even though it is just a couple of inches, still the overall image will look in a different way. Besides, imagine how precious your feet would look like, if any of the guests takes a quick glance below the table?

A very creative approach toward this item’s design is presented in this particular look. Why would one opt for boring shades, such as cream, beige or white? Just because it is a wedding ceremony, does not necessarily mean that it has to be a Snow White’s outfit. Why not to add some color to your look? The easiest way to do so is of course to go for bright footwear piece. These flip flops in yummy mint designed in a flower shape look totally magnificent. I would not resist these shoes if I saw them in the shop. They look very refreshing and cute – which means that they will fit any wedding just in a perfect way. Besides, they can give you some inspiration for the general theme of your ceremony. You can easily organize the party in mint style, having all guests, for instance, sport mint accessories.

Another cool pair of flip flops is not about the design or color that much. To be frank, it can be of any possible shade and in any imaginable pattern you want. The most important thing here is the two round medallions in white which each feature a word. All together they create the most gorgeous statement on earth: I Do. That is basically the only thing you need for a successful wedding ceremony – a consent of bride. And if she is wearing such shoes, who in the universe would ever have a single doubt about her determination and affection?

The next way to wear these comfy shoes is to have them feature very catchy and bright design. The more you have, the better it is. The point here is that such shoes themselves are quite plain. So there is no further need to simplify them even more. Hence, if it happened so that you are wearing them for your wedding, make sure that you got the most outstanding and fancy ones. Do not be afraid of overdoing it. There is no way you can really overdo with flip flops. So use all your creativity and imagination as well as good searching skills and great patience. I am pretty sure your pair of most stunning shoes is still waiting for you.

These were various designs that bridal flip flops are styled in. Depending on your personal preferences and the style of your wedding ceremony, you can choose between several options above and make your big day much more smooth and easier to handle.

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