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How to Choose Perfect Bridal Shoes

Wedding shoes
Your wedding dress and your wedding shoes may be ideal apart, but they still can make up an awful combination together. Our tips will help you to find the bridal shoes that will perfectly match your wedding gown in order to impress your guests with the stunning and harmonious look.

How to choose the perfect shoes for your wedding

As a rule the brides base the choice of their wedding dress on the type of wedding they are planning. The same principle works with the wedding shoes. The evening wedding and the glamorous princess silhouette gown require the strappy evening sandals. While the beaded mules would be the perfect bridal footwear at the city hall or pantsuit wedding.

There are great variety of shades of white color. So make sure to take along the swatch of the wedding gown fabric when going to the shoes shopping. The major part of wedding dresses is performed in “Diamond white” color. But don’t be too upset to find out the difference in shades of your shoes and the dress- the bridal rinse will help you tone the shoes down for the perfect match.
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Remember to bring to the bridal fitting the shoes with the same height you are planning to wear on the day of your wedding. Moreover, bring the actual shoes to the final alterations. The dress hem will be adjusted based on your shoes height. Remember, the last moment change of shoes can cause the hem being too short or too long, which is both bad.

The wedding dress bottom could become a predetermined factor in choosing fabric for your bridal shoes. Shiny fabrics require the satin shoes, whereas the crepe shoes would work perfect with the matte sheen. As for the wedding dress made from lace- lacy shoes would make up a perfect complement to it.
Lacy wedding shoes
I would call the rule of thumb- putting on the fancy shoes with the simple dress and vice versa. This rule can help you to find your way and not get lost in the abundance of the wedding shoes offered. By deciding on the silhouette and the embellishments, you will find it much easier finding the perfect bridal shoes.

In case you prefer to have both shoes and the dress with embellishments, the decoration details should match and have something in common. For instance, rhinestone or crystlals on the shoes will work ideal with the bejeweled or sequined dress. As for the beaded shoes, they will go well with the pearled dresses.
White bridal shoes

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