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How to Wear the Vintage Birdcage Wedding Veil

birdcage-veilThe sophisticated version of the traditional long wedding veil is the birdcage veil that acquired popularity in the early 1940s. During the war the cloth rationing was a widespread notion so brides of that period tended to opt for the simpler wedding attire.

The suits with the slim silhouettes came to the bridal repertoire as well as the birdcage veils that were either worn separately or along with the headpieces. Usually the birdcage veil is the simple construction with the piece of netting fastened to the metal comb. We offer you the useful tips n wearing the birdcage wedding veils.

How to wear the vintage birdcage wedding veil

When choosing the bridal hairstyle, take into consideration the birdcage veil. A lot of traditional wedding hairstyles could be complemented with the birdcage veil, except for the hairdo. Ponytails, braids, chignons styled at the back of the head allow the veil cover the major part of the crown area. While the high up-dos and buns require the veil placing on the top of the head, the one-side hairstyles allow the veil placing close to the head.
Consider trying as many birdcage veils as possible to figure which style and length works best for you. These veils come in the variety of lengths starting from 9 to 16 inches. The shorter veils are very charming, since they cover only the nose and eyes area. Longer veils, in turn, stretch to the chin and allow the delicate face wrapping. In addition, there are distinct netting styles like polka dots and crystal decorated.
Put the birdcage veil on the top of your head in the preferred place before attaching the comb into the hair. Once you are done with the veil placing, insert the bobby pins alongside the comb to secure the veil. Usually the two or three pins are enough for keeping the veil in the right place, but in case you are using a lot of hairstyling products, you need more pins.
Put the veil over your face and create the puffiness around the crown of the head and your face. Apply the bobby pins to reduce the fullness around the top of your head. Pick the areas that create the volume around the top of the veil, grab this spot using your fingertips and twist a little before fixing them with the bobby pins.
And finally, form the birdcage veil alongside your face. Those brides that want the veil to be apart from their face should uplift the veil at the crown and fix it with pins. This way the headdress will be away from the face. The brides that are looking for the sleeker look can take the fullness away from the face towards the ears area and fix it alongside the head.


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