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How to Pick the Ringbearer Pillow

Picking the ringbearer pillow is a relatively simple thing since it fully depends on the few simple conditions relating to your wedding celebration. Nowadays you can see the great range of pillows in the distinct price range starting from the couple- dollar ones to the couple hundred-dollar price tag per each. Make sure to visit a few shops before making the final decision, also take into consideration the alternatives to the pillows.

How to choose the ringbearer pillow

Ensure to opt for the ringbearer pillow in the same color gamma as the bride’s wedding gown. So, if you plan to wear the snow white dress, then go for the same snow white pillow. In case your dress has the unique shade of cream or champagne, consider custom making the pillow from the same fabric.
The size of the ringbearer pillow should depend on the ringbearer’s height. As a rule these pillows are intended to be carried by the small boys, so the bigger pillow will make the small child look awkward.

Make sure your pillow is supplied either with the faux wedding bands or with the ribbons for tying the false rings that could be bought in any craft supply stores. It is not a good idea entrusting the real rings to the small boy, who can easily lose while walking down the aisle.
Figure whether each detail of the ringbearer’s pillow such as the ribbons or flowers is sewn to the pillow instead of being pinned. Pins not only carry the risk of being pricked, but also provide the risk of the decorating elements to be blown up by the wind.ring-bearer-pillow

Think about replacing the ringbearer pillow with a beloved animal. There are couple of advantages in this option. First of all, the little boy will like the idea of carrying the stuffed animal instead of the simple pillow. And secondly, the fake rings could be hanged to the animal’s necklace. The mission of the ringbearer is delivering the necklace with faux rings to the best man, who puts it into the pocket and later takes out the identical necklace with the real rings.ring-bearer-pillow

How to pick the ringbearer pillow

Take into consideration that the pillow will be used just once and only for an hour.ring-bearer-pillow

In case you cannot find the pillow of the same shade as the wedding gown or you want to opt for the color that is different from your wedding dress, try to match the pillow’s color with other elements of the wedding ceremony like flowers and bridesmaid’s dresses.ring-bearer-pillow


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