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How to Pick the Right Veil and Headpiece

If you estimate the importance of the wedding dress and ceremony décor, the bridal veil as well as the headpiece might seem to be the least important elements. However, they are still an essential part of the bridal look: they are the finishing touches of the ultimate bridal ensemble. Our simple tips will help you find the right veil and headpiece to suit your bridal outfit.

How to pick the right wedding veil and headpiece

You should decide for yourself whether you want to have a covered face while walking down the aisle. If so, you should opt for the veil that has at least two layers: one to cover the face and one to remain in the back.
Choose the hairstyle for your wedding look in advance since particular hairstyles will restrain you from wearing certain headpieces. In case you are flexible about the hairstyles, you veil will determine the way your hair will look on your big day.

Take along your wedding dress or the swatch of your wedding dress. Keep in mind that white could have distinct shades, so it is important to ensure your wedding veil perfectly matches the dress color.
Opt for the veil that will suit both the style of your wedding and your bridal gown in particular. The weddings in the traditional style call for the long full veils along with the dressy headpieces. However, the informal ceremonies at the beach require the short veils worn with the headpieces with the minimalistic design.

Consider complementing the embroidery and details on your wedding dress. In case it is decorated with pearls, avoid going for the headpiece with crystals. In case your dress has splashes of color, consider opting for the veil with colored elements like material flowers, trimming or crystals.
Envision the way the back of the dress will look under the veil. For the sleek, continuous look that merges with the train, opt for the long veil without trimming with two layers maximum. The shoulder-length veil with numerous layers will make visible the elements of the low-backed dress with the princess style.

Consider wearing the veil made from the heavier fabrics with the large mesh to the outdoor wedding venue, while lightweight sheer veils will perfectly suit the candlelight indoor ceremonies.  If you still want to wear the sheer light veil to the seaside wedding, simply weight it with the embellishment like rhinestones, pearls and satin trim.
Take into consideration the period you are planning to wear the veil. If you want to wear it all reception long, the long veil with intricate detailing will be out of the place. In case you want to wear it just throughout the ceremony, you may go ahead and opt for the cathedral-length one with rich embellishment and multi-layered tiara.

Tips on picking the right wedding veil and headpiece

If it is impossible to bring along the wedding dress or swatch to the store, figure whether the veil boutique has your dress in stock.
Wear the smudge-proof makeup if you plan to wear the veil in the front, especially if it is an outdoor ceremony when the wind might blow into your face.

Take your veil to the hair and makeup trial to make sure it works well together. In case you cannot carry the actual veil, simply bring along the cloth of the same length, fabrics and shade.

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