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How to Choose Bridal Lingerie

bridal-lingerieFor the major part of brides-to-be bridal apparel shopping is all about the wedding gown. However you shouldn’t forget about the things you wear underneath. Moreover, they should be just as beautiful as your bridal attire.

The correctly picked bridal lingerie can provide a perfect fit of your dress. Besides, while everyone can observe your wedding gown along with the shoes and jewelry, lingerie that you wear below are intended for just the two of you and make it an intimate item.

How to buy bridal lingerie

Right timing
Once you get engaged, it is hard to resist a temptation to buy the first lingerie set in white hue, but choosing the right lingerie set requires more planning. In truth you shouldn’t start picking the lingerie until you find the wedding gown.
Bring the lingerie along to the dress shopping
Once you decided on your wedding gown, but still didn’t buy it, it is time to do the lingerie shopping. In fact, lingerie is able to affect the way your wedding dress looks, especially in case it is a corset dress. Another thing to consider is making sure the lingerie doesn’t show through.

Seems like the wedding day is the perfect chance to try something unordinary, lingerie you avoid wearing in the everyday life, but there is a risk of feeling yourself uncomfortable. I don’t think you will like the idea of the suspender straps chafing your hips or corset squeezing your waist so much that you cannot even breathe.
If you still cannot resist the temptation of buying the nipple tassels, it would be better to keep them for the honeymoon or at least save them for the wedding night. Comfort should be expressed both through the way you feel mentally and physically, so avoid opting for lingerie that makes you feel ridiculous.bridal-lingerie

Finishing touches
There are much more choices than simple bra and knickers set. You will be surprised to find distinct types of accessories that will add the chic touch to your bridal look. One of them is the garter belt, which is considered to be the traditional bridal accessory from the ancient times. So, if you didn’t have a chance to wear one, it is the best moment to introduce this sexy detail into your bridal look.bridal-lingerie
There is also a tradition of throwing the garter to the male attendants of your wedding at the end of the ceremony, however a lot of brides tend to keep their garters as the nice reminder from their wedding day. Nowadays a lot of designers offer “garter and toss” sets that consist of both the garter the bride should wear and the garter for tossing to the male guests.bridal-lingerie

Stockings are also the nice finishing touch to your lingerie set. Just make sure you have an extra pair in case of stockings tearing.bridal-lingerie

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