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40 Breath-Taking Bridal Shoes: Summer 2015

Adorable bridal pumps
Adorable bridal pumps
Footwear must represent one of the most difficult and at the same time easiest choices we ever face with, when it comes to shopping. We can easily spend weeks looking for a pair of our dream, and we finally find it – purchase it without a second of hesitation. More than that, it may happen that we decide to but several pairs at once – without a second of hesitation. That is why choosing shoes might cause the most unpredictable result ever. However, sometimes this exciting process can be quite nerve-racking – especially when it is an important event that we are going to attend. In such a case we normally have so many doubts that it seems to be almost impossible to make a final decision. And I can tell you that there is nearly nothing as significant in this universe as a wedding day. This is the event people would start preparing for several months ahead of time and still not be able to complete everything on time. If you are currently facing with the very same situation, then this post will significantly simplify your preparation process. Scroll down to take a look at 40 mind-blowing wedding shoes to rock this summer.

Summer 2015 Bridal Footwear

When people talk of bridal footwear, it is usually a pair of elegant white pumps with very moderate embellishmentand classy design. Yet, is it not way too boring? Why not to step away from thesestereotypes and opt for something that will make this day even more beautiful and memorable? People tend to underestimate the role of footwear when creating a bridal look and put the main accent on the dress. Just imagine how cool it would be to feature your absolutely magnificent pair of sandals on one (or several) wedding photos! And in case you are planning to rock an unconventional wedding dress in a shorter cut, then you ought to pay enough attention to what your feet are embraced with.

What I would recommend in the first place is this astonishing pair of heels in silver and powder pink. The moment I spotted this magnificent footwear item, I realized how much I would like to wear theseshoes on my big day. I am quite positive that many of you will have the very same reaction, as it is very hard to resist the temptation to purchase this marvelous pair. There are quite a number of similar designs in a gallery below, so if you are a fan of engaging color combinations and elegant style, feel free to go for any.

In case you don’t mind adornment, then you can easily opt for any of the below pairs that feature embellishment. Gemstones, sequins, florals, crystals and embroidery all are capable of creating magnificent footwear designs. It is all up to you which exactly piece to go for. What attracted my attention is these awesome high heel sandals in coral pink. The ankle strap design perfectly matches the myriad of tiny floral patterns each with a crystal rhinestone in the middle. Such an item would complement a dress with an asymmetric hem in a gorgeous way.

If you are up to something more exquisite and unique, then you will definitely fall in love with this striking pair of pumps. These gold textured leather shoes are styled with black suede trimming and crystal gemstones. The overall impression that this awesome piece creates is beyond any discussion, as these shoes were obviously designed for a lady with an extremely sophisticated taste and chic style. So if you feel like glimmering and shining during your wedding reception, it is hard to think of any other footwear design that would help you do so in a better way. Don’t let the black styling put any doubts on your decision, as this only adds a glamorous touch to the item and makes it stand out more. And why does it always have it to be white?

To continue this idea, here is one more splendid bridal footwear design that looks very much unconventional and thus appealing. These low-heel ankle straps feature a very luxurious and elegant design and will by all means make a perfect match for those of you who avoid torturing your feet. The terracotta suede outline is complemented with beige strap and breath-taking glittering adornment in gold. This is an excellent pair to fit into any possible wedding outfit – you will just need to style it with the right accessories.

Browse through the images below and enjoy the irresistible beauty of these magnificent designs. Which pair would you rock on your big day?

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