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The Best Questions to Ask Your Venue Manager

wedding-reception-venuesIn order to exclude the unnecessary worries on your wedding day, it is essential to discuss all the details with your venue manager. Make sure to ask him about such things as room capacities and venue rules.

Don’t forget to take notes in order to be able to compare the different venues for making the final decision. We are presenting you the important aspects to cover throughout your meeting with the wedding venue manager.

Best questions to ask your venue manager

The first five questions you should ask the venue manager should cover the ceremony: ask whether the accommodations both for the ceremony and reception are available, how many people it can accommodate, does it has all the necessary licenses, whether there are any hotels close to the venue.wedding-reception-venues
Try to learn as much information as possible about the area where you are planning to hold the reception: is it large enough for accommodating the dinner and dancing, is it necessary for the guests to leave after the dinner so that the staff could install the room for the dancing part, whether there is a DJ station available, the duration of room reservation, familiarize with the clean-up policy, additional charges for installing and removing the chairs in case you plan to have the reception and ceremony in the same place.wedding-reception-venues
Each venue has its policy for catering and drinks, so don’t forget to include the questions regarding this issue: does it provide with the caterer and is it obligatory to use this service, can you bring along the outside food, whether there is a kitchen available, can you have your own drinks or it is obligatory to purchase the ones from the venue, what are the meals offered, are there extra fees for serving the sit-down dining, whether there is enough room for the buffet-style dining, whether the venue rental price includes provision with chairs, tables, table linens, tableware.
General questions
Also you should ask some general questions: what does the venue rental price include, whether it provides with the event planner, are the outdoor activities allowed during the summer season, are there any additional charges for a security guard, are there a parking fee for guests.
Once you decided on the venue, try to read the contract very attentively before actually signing it. The contract should cover all the points and answer all the questions we have discussed above. In case the contract doesn’t touch the important aspects or contains anything you are not happy about, have the venue manager modify it before actual signing and paying in the deposit.

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