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Simple Guide on Planning Hen Night

Hen-Night-in-progressWhile planning the ultimate hen night don’t forget about the key thing- fun and the bride’s happy face. So, try to incorporate the maximum amount of elements that will definitely make her smile and surround her by people that mean a lot to her.

Regardless the fact how lavish or simple your plans are, in case they are well thought-out and planned, you will definitely end up having the great hen night.

These simple steps will help you to plan the ultimate hen night.

Guide on planning the ultimate hen night

Book the location where it is possible to set different activities. In case you plan to have guests in the different age range, consider the place that offers the wide choice of activities. City locations are the perfect idea since they offer daytime activities, shopping, night life and hotels. Another way is setting the hen night in the holiday resorts or isolated cottages, which provide with the sports activities, spa and relaxation procedures, what will make your hen a unique experience.
As a rule the number of the hen night guests will change as the big day approaches, so the best way to clarify the guests’ certain amount is having people confirm their attendance by collecting the deposits. So, in the result you will collect the necessary sum of money in advance and get to know the certain number of guests in order to make the location and activities bookings.
Consider suggesting your guests the two budgetary options so that those guests who struggle paying for the all hen party activities could still attend your party. One of the options is offering the daytime activities only excluding accommodation, another way is a two night or one night option.
Having the theme is the sure way to the fun celebration with everyone involved. If the bride is not crazy about pink wigs and feather boas, then consider picking the following themes: Cheerleaders, Moulin Rouge, School students, Twilight, Retro, Superwomen etc. Take into consideration what would interest the major part of the group and the bride herself and if you manage to go for the theme that encourages the bride, the rest of the group is also likely to get involved with enthusiasm.
So, you planned the accommodation, have the food and bars sorted, but don’t forget the pause in the middle of the day, which is often neglected during the hen weekends. Keep in mind that this time of the day is essential, so get prepared in advance. This is a good chance for the party to familiarize with each other before the evening starts. This time could be spent on setting activities together or sightseeing. Consider the activities like spa procedures, theatre visiting, photoshoot, dance lessons, cocktails preparations etc.

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