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Food Themes for the Bridal Shower

Sticking to the certain theme for your bridal shower guarantees the fun and laid back environment. There are a few options: you may either keep up the wedding reception theme or base it on the time of the year. Another way is having the food-related wedding theme. Everyone will like the idea of the food bridal shower theme unless she is on diet.

Ideas of the food themes for the bridal shower

Who wouldn’t like chocolate? Everyone does since its sweet, tasty and just delightful. So it would be nice building your bridal shower around the chocolate theme in all its types. You have got the variety of choices: brownies, chocolate cake, chocolate truffles and chocolate chip cookies. You can even take the chocolate fountain for the rent and set the range of fruits, marshmallows etc to dip in it.
As for the drinks, you may offer the chocolate martinis or mochas. To create the chocolate-inspired décor, use the brown in combination with the pink, white or silver decorations. Disperse the chocolate kisses all over the room and create the candy bouquets to use them as table centerpieces.
Wine and cheese
This type of theme is not only fun, but also carries the educational function. Pick the few bottles of the elite vintage wine with the help of the local wine merchant and serve it along with the range of exclusive cheeses, crackers and breads. You may complete your meal with the desert wine along with a dark chocolate.
As for the venue decorating, use the grapevines, bunches or grapes or wine corks in order to create the true wine cellar atmosphere. Put the red cloths on the tables. Warn your guests to chose the gifts in accordance with the wine theme.
Sushi is the ideal option of the food for party since they come in small pieces, are easy to carry and provide with the variety of choices. Offer the white wine or champagne punch to the sushi. Organize the master class on suchi making with the suchi master from local Japanese restaurant and have guests trying to make this traditional Japanese dish themselves.
Afternoon tea
Make the few pots of the different types of tea and offer them with the traditional scones, clotted cream and jam, sweets, canapés and tea cakes. You may find all these items online or in the specialized bakeries. It would be nice inviting an expert with competence in distinct types of teas to tell you the interesting facts about this unique drink.
Embellish the area with the fresh flowers in bold hues, lace doilies from your grandmother’s reserves and the beautiful tea pots, cups and saucers. In case you don’t have an entire tea service, rent one or ask each guest bring along the china items in matching hues. As the party ends, the washed china could be given to the bride. Keep on a standby the small boxes or jars for your guests to take some exotic tea home.


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