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Fall Bridal Shower

Those brides whose wedding takes place during fall will love the idea of the fall-themed bridal shower. Fortunately, the fall season is rich with the bold colors, which could be used in decor and the variety of food. Benefit from this hospitable season of the year by offering the fall favorites such as pumpkin pie.

Hosting the bridal shower in fall months is a nice time to party in the circle of closer friends. Since it is getting colder outside, it is important to create the warm and comfortable atmosphere inside with the warming laughs, tasty food and shimmer.

How to organize fall bridal shower

In case you decide to arrange the fall wedding shower for the bride, consider informing the guests with the fall-themed shower invitations, which are available in great range nowadays. It could be the typical leaves and trees or the sweet options like pears, apples or pumpkins. Another way is ordering the invitations in the signature fall colors like red, orange, gold, brown and yellow.
Majority of people connect fall with Thanksgiving celebration, so you can simply base your shower menu on thanksgiving one. You may replace the roast turkey with the turkey and cranberry canapés. For the sit down meal in the classy style, go for the pumpkin soup with goat cheese. Try to memorize all the dishes that are associated with fall such as apple cider or sugar cookies and feel free to introduce them at the bridal shower.
There are plenty of ideas of fall shower decorations that you can borrow from the Mother Nature. Beautiful leaves in the gold palette, apples and pumpkins are just the few of the options. Fresh fruits and gorgeous leaves could be used for table decorating. Don’t forget to light up the cinnamon-scented candles for adding the cozy and welcoming feel.
The most appropriate option for the fall-themed bridal shower is a game “Guess the Spice” where guests have to identify different spices after tasting them. Don’t forget to reward the guests with the small gifts like the spa accessories.
Don’t let the guests leave the shower without taking home the wedding favors. Check the local stores and websites for the items like fall-themed bookmarks, coasters, candles, key chains, spa products etc.

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