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Bridal Shower Details

Believe me, you can make the bridal shower the most memorable occasion in bride’s life with a bit of efforts. The key things you need to do is incorporating the original theme, nice decorations and a full guest list without forgetting any of the guests. Besides these things, there are key elements that are able to vivify any bridal shower such as games, favors and presents. With deciding on the consistent shower theme along with the friends and family members support, shower organization process just cannot go wrong.

Bridal shower details

Favors at bridal shower
Just like on the wedding day, favors are the essential part of the bridal shower. It is the way of making people remember about your special day. One option is making the compact disk with the couple’s beloved songs. Another original idea of favors is giving each guest the flowerpot with seeds inside with the phase attached “Our love grows with these flowers”.
If the shower falls on the Christmas days, you may purchase the small Christmas tree and decorate it with decorations. By the end of the shower, have every guest take one of decorations off the tree.
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Gifts for bridal shower
Don’t try to surprise the bride with an expensive gift unless you can really afford it. The sum in the range of 25$-75$ is quite acceptable. In case the couple has everything they need and want, they can ask guests to donate to the charity of their choice instead of the traditional gift. In case you still want to make the bride happy with a fancy gift, consider purchasing as a group gift.

The nice idea would be asking guests to bring old photos of the bride and groom and accumulate them into the memory scrapbook for the bride.
You may consider asking guests that know how to sew to create the quilt block. Fasten them all together before the shower starts and give it to the bride as the wedding gift. On the wedding reception, ask the guests sign the quilt instead of the guest book. Don’t forget to purchase the fabric pens.

Bridal shower games
Games the good way to break the ice among the guests that don’t know each other well. The nice game for the bridal shower is the name tag one, which supposes people sitting in the circles and chatting with each other for couple minutes before exchanging the name tags. Afterwards they have to share the information on the person they just spoke to with another guest. At the moment you receive your name tag back, the game is over.
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Another way to entertain guests is making a little cross-examination to the bride and groom. Ask the bride and groom the same questions about themselves in advance and at the shower ask their beloved ones the same questions about each other and see if they know each other well enough.

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