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6 Original Bridal Shower Ideas

Just like with wedding celebration, having the bridal shower theme can pull everything together and guarantee the fun party full of joy. Let’s familiarize with the awesome ideas for bridal shower themes.

Themes are supposed to add fun to the celebration and are the sure way to add the playful feel to the party. If the bride has the certain interests or hobbies than you just cannot avoid throwing the themed bridal shower.

Original bridal shower ideas

Around the clock
According to this theme, guests are allocated a certain hour and are supposed to bring the gift that would correspond to the hour. For instance, the 7 o’clock guests should be brining the dinning plates, while the 6 o’clock ones are expected to bring the toaster. Gifts could also correspond to the meal serving time: breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and desert.
Stock the pantry
This theme requires the guests to bring the gifts that the couple could use in the kitchen. It could be the kitchenware or even delicacy food. As for the treating, you might organize the food tasting and serve the appetizers that would fit the overall theme. As for the games, you can play the “Guess the herb”, which requires the guests to identify the unfamiliar herbs by scent. Don’t forget to decorate the setting with the potted plants and distribute the invitations and thank you cards with herbal influence.
Beach and honeymoon party
In case the bride cannot wait for leaving for the honeymoon, you may consider throwing her a honeymoon-themed bridal shower with all the accompanying attributes like floating candles, cocktails like margaritas and beach games.
Lingerie or pajama party
Some companies specialized on lingerie parties organize the lingerie shows in people’s houses. One of the ways is making such a demonstration a focus of the shower and ask the guests to bring the lingerie gifts for the bride or buy them right after the show. Moreover, you may have the guests come wearing pajamas and serve the popcorn and ice cream for the fully laid back feel.
Room by room
In this case guests are supposed to bring the gifts intended for the certain room of the house. For instance, one of the guests could be assigned the cabinet and bring the wireless mouse, while the bedroom-assigned guest could buy you a beautiful cozy blanket.
If the bride belongs to the excitable people and likes the risk, you may consider organizing the gambling night with poker, blackjack or even roulette. Create the appropriate environment by serving martinis and light hors d’oeuvre. Besides, don’t forget to order the poker chip-shaped cake.


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