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New York City Minimalistic Wedding

Minimalistic New York City Wedding

This wedding is a perfect example of the minimalistic style with a contemporary vibe, which was expressed through the clean lines, sleek style and laid back design. All that together made it possible to create this laconic urban celebration, which I like a lot.

The overall theme of this wedding day was predetermined by the bride’s background: having spent a long time working at the contemporary art galleries in New York City, she fell in love with the clean lines and open spaces. So, the couple envisioned their wedding day to be contemporary, effortless and intimate.

Minimalistic New York City Wedding

They didn’t have any problems with finding the ideal wedding venue and the first venue they visited called the Glasshouses perfectly suited their wedding format. Besides the laconic design, it could boast a roomy terrace and the 360 degree view on the beautiful city scenery.

As the couple planned to have a lot of traveling guests that get to visit New York City for the very first time, they decided to acquaint them with the city in such an original way.

Minimalistic New York City Wedding

Being the fans of the delicate cuisine, the couple gave its preference to the Creative Edge Parties catering. As this couple wanted to be original from the beginning to the end, the traditional sit-down dinner was replaced with the cocktail party, which was completed with appetizers, risotto bar and “steakhouse” food station. As for dessert, they decided to avoid the cake and set the “milk & cookies bar” instead, which was filled with delicious milkshakes, distinct type of cookies and flavored dipping milks.

Minimalistic New York City Wedding

The bride’s day started with the room service breakfast and from that moment for her everything became a total tornado. While the bridesmaids and the bride-to-be were doing their makeup and hair before putting on the beautiful gowns from Amsale (for the bridesmaids) and Anne Barge (for the bride-to-be), the male part of the wedding party as well as a groom-to-be were having a pre-wedding cocktail at the bar.

Minimalistic New York City Wedding

As a devotee of the photography, the bride paid a lot of attention to choosing the ideal wedding photographer. So as a result of the prolonged search she set her choice on Judy Pak. They started the wedding photoshoot with the pre-wedding shoot, which took place in Park Avenue and later moved to the downtown area. Finally it was continued on the High Line.

Before the wedding ceremony started, the guests had a chance to enjoy champagne and quiet atmosphere on the balcony of the Glasshouses until the moment the instrumental trio that included the guitar, piano and violin started playing the original version of “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. This composition set the tone of the event and immediately brought everyone into the romanticism and sentimentality of the special moment. As the processional began, the “Skinny Love” was followed by “I Can’t Help Falling in Love”, which accompanied the bride on her way to the most important man in her life.

Real Wedding in New York City in Minimalistic Style

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