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Intimate Wedding of Courtney and Bradlee


From the moment Courtney and Bradlee from Ontario, Canada got engaged, they dreamed about having a beach wedding with the wind blowing in their hair and the sand warming their feet as they say their vows on the wedding day. Another thing they knew for sure- they wanted an intimate wedding.

Courtney commented on her desire to have an intimate wedding:

We didn’t want the stress or hassle of planning a large wedding and all the factors that come with it. By having a smaller wedding we were able to focus on the experience for the guests who decided to come.


So, the couple picked the small restaurant for 30 persons called Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to celebrate the very special moment. However, setting the destination wedding became a real problem for the couple, especially figuring the guests’ attendance. Since the major part of the guests preferred to book the flight closer to the wedding day and the guest list was not defined until very close to the big day, it was hard to figure the exact number of favors, plan the seating chart and the overall cost of the celebration. Another big challenge was controlling the wedding planning process being far away from the venue. It became a big issue when it came to the small details.

As for the wedding celebration itself, the moment of speaking out the personal vows was something that made everyone’s hearts beat quicker. While Brad stammered over his vows, the tears were dropping from Courtney’s eyes as she could barely read the speech. Besides, Bradley picked the romantic song from The Gladiator movie “Now We Are Free”, which made a moment even more sentimental.


Another memorable moment of this wedding day was the “Sexy And I Know It” dance performed by Bradlee’s nephews, which definitely surprised the bride and made everyone laugh. Moreover, the LED dance floor and the bar installed on the beach as well as the fire show also left everyone amazed and surprised. The last thing I cannot leave unnoticed was the striking décor of the wedding venue that immediately took the wedding guests to those ancient times when the pirates ruled over the oceans.

Courtney and Bradlee never regretted they went for the intimate destination wedding. They really loved the idea of being encircled by the closest friends and family members on their big day and simply enjoy the moment without trying to follow the etiquette rules. They had the chance to socialize with each guest and just relax and have fun.


Destination Wedding of Courtney and Bradlee

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