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Reasons to Wear the Black Dress to the Wedding

The day of the wedding is considered to be the celebration of the new couple origination and that’s why it used to be the bad sign when someone wears the black dress. In old time the black hue used to have the negative and dark meaning, but everything had changed since then. Nowadays it is a norm for the female wedding guest to opt for the black dress. Let’s figure in which cases it is appropriate wearing the black dress to the wedding.

Reasons to wear the black dress to the wedding

Evening wedding
It is a norm wearing the black dress to the evening wedding celebration. As a rule, the evening weddings are more formal than the day ones, just like the dresses in the black color are considered to be more formal comparing to the ordinary white and pastel ones.
Day wedding
In case you are planning to wear the black dress to the daytime wedding, you will be definitely the center of everyone’s attention. Just ensure to look chic and elegant rather than gothic. Wear the light makeup and opt for the updo for the classy look.
Mother of the bride
The mother of the bride is the only person who should avoid wearing the black at the wedding. So, if you are a mother of the bride, you should discuss with the bride what color and silhouette she prefers you to wear before going shopping.
Add the color
In case you are invited to the wedding and plan wearing the black dress, consider diluting your look with some color. In this case the pashmina in the bold hue will work ideal.
Wear appropriate styles
In some cases the design of the dress interferes much more than the color. Keep in mind that it is a wedding celebration and the same black dress you used to wear to the night club won’t be appropriate for the festive atmosphere of the event. You dress should end at the knee area, while the cleavage should be kept at the minimum.


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