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How to Dress Your Flower Girl


The next step after deciding on the flower girl candidate is the dress choosing process, which is not less exiting than choosing the bridal dress. Moreover, flower girl is the second person at the wedding that gets a lot of attention and admiration after the bride. So, we prepared the useful tips on choosing the flower girl’s dress.

How to choose the dress for flower girl

You may start the search by looking at the special boutiques that offer the great range of children’s wear for weddings. Some brides manage to find the suitable flower girl dress in the ordinary wedding shop, but as a rule they just offer adjusting and shrinking of adult dresses to child’s small body frame, which usually causes the child to look disproportional.
Flower-girl-dressEven though you already invented the design of the flower girl dress, parents are the ones who will pay for the dress, only if you didn’t arrange it other way. Leave it up to the parents and the flower girl herself making up the final decision on the dress you are proposing and make sure it lays in the affordable price range.

Consider the fact that children tend to grow fast when opting for the dress, which suits her right. If you plan to order the dress half a year before the actual wedding date, ask to add the few inches to it. It is better being able to alter the dress in case it is small rather than adding fabrics to the small one.

All little girls want to be the flower girls because it is a chance to look like a princess. So, why not to order the smaller version of your wedding gown for the flower girl’s dress. Usually, flower girl dresses are full-skirt and have ruffles underneath for the fuller effect. You may also use the hoop slips to add the pomp. Dresses with flower accent are also a popular choice for the flower girls’ dresses.

Pay attention to the types of materials you are planning to utilize since children’s skin is very sensitive. Try to opt for the materials with the soft and silky feel instead of the rough one, otherwise you will have unhappy constantly itching flower girl at your nuptials.
Flower-girl-dressDon’t forget about the accessories that are able to add charm to any look. One option is finding the matching hair accessory: its type will depend on her hairstyle. Baby’s breath and ribbons are the universal accessory for any hairstyle and add the charm to flower girl’s look.

As for the footwear, discuss the type of shoes you would want her to wear with her parents. The shorter dress requires close toe or open sandals, if it is a warm weather. The longer dress with the flowing silhouette allows wearing simpler shoes like white slippers. All that matters is the comfort of the child and her sincere smile.
Flower girls will definitely add the sweet feel to any wedding ceremony, so don’t underestimate her role on your nuptials.


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