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How To Choose Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses

Different bridesmaid dresses in one color

Flattering attire for bridesmaids can be difficult to find. Especially if you have many bridesmaids who are very different in their appearance and height. Since one dress style probably work for all the girls, there are a few ways to find attractive apparel for your bridesmaids and make sure it fits the whole picture.

Transformer Dresses

Transformer dresses are great because they look similar but different at the same time. Usually a transformer dress will have at least four variations of to it so be sure to look into those when looking for flattering bridesmaid attire. Since some of these come in one size fits all you can dress your bridesmaids in same color dresses with different detail and silhouette. Isn’t that amazing?

One Color, Different Cut

A transformer style is again great for this as every dress will be made of the same fabric in one shade. But if you want your bridesmaids looking fabulous in perfectly fitted dresses you may want to opt for one color for all dresses in different cuts. Your bridesmaids can coordinate dresses they already own and love.

Individual LBD

Speaking of which, a perfectly fit little black dress can be perfect. Besides black color is easier to match and coordinate. Black is also classy and elegant.

Different Color, Different Cut

The biggest challenge of all is to coordinate dresses in different colors and cuts. Every girl wants to feel beautiful regardless of whose wedding she attends so choosing a dress of a flattering color and cut makes sense but how to make it fit the whole picture? First, you can choose one length for all dresses or better yet choose the same fabric for all dresses. This way they will be different but coordinated. You can also have a small detail on every dress so that they more or less match together.

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