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Top Honeymoon Destination in South America

It is often hard to figure out what to start with when planning a honeymoon, especially if you never went outside the country before. All you need is a brief overview of what’s out there is fitting your demands and budget. Keeping in mind the closeness of this region and thus the lowers ticket price, we have prepared a small list of the hot honeymoon destinations in South America.

Top honeymoon destinations in South America

Argentina, Buenos Aires
Title of the birthplace of tango speaks for itself. This country is famous with its stretching beaches with the silver sand and with its beautiful women.
Argentina - Buenos Aires
Colombia, Bogota
Bogota is a unique place to explore with your partner owing to its rich history and wonderful architecture.
Peru, Lima
Lima is rich with the various cultural and non-cultural entertainments, so you won’t have problems with experiencing its vibrant culture during the honeymoon.
Peru, Iquitos
This city, which is located at the edge of the Amazon, will definitely amaze you with its fascinating nature.
Peru, Machu Picchu
This city is popular for being the South America’s most famous landmark.
Chile, Pucon
Pucon is situated in the most breathtaking region- Patagonia, which has the abundance of glaciers, mountains, lakes and streams.
Argentina, Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Fall can boast the waterfall that is even taller than Niagara.
Brazil, Sao Paulo
You may enjoy the rich culture of Brazil in full range while visiting this cosmopolitan city, which is a home country to the numerous high fashion models including Gisele Bundhen.
Sao paolo
Brazil, Salvador
Best known for its outstanding cuisine and architecture, Salvador is one of the best destinations in South America for honeymooners.
Salvador Brazil

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