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Top 8 Most Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Hallstatt Lake, Austria
Hallstatt Lake, Austria
When a couple is planning  honeymoon, the most common list of potential destinations is often limited with the most popular countries to visit and sights to see. The top featured are Venice in Italy, Paris in France, Maldives Islands and a couple of more cliche places. However, you do not have to go for these locations unless it is the dream of your life. Use this wonderful opportunity to visit the places that very few people would go to. As a result you will have ten times as much emotions and memories as any other couple visiting the Eiffel Tower would. Besides, you will explore a totally unfamiliar and not so well-known place – just imagine how many stories you will have to tell afterwards. Below are the greatest and most unique honeymoon destinations for those who love to discover!

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European civilizations have been among the top visited attractions for various reasons. One of them is definitely honeymoon. And I am sure that every more or less educated human being knows that the European continent is not limited with France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain. There are much more locations that deserve even more attention from the side of tourists. It’s just that they might not be so widely well-known – the fact that actually makes such destinations even more appealing. One of the most magnificent and totally must-see European countries is Austria. Yet, it is not enough just to visit Vienna with its marvelous architecture, narrow streets and strict rules. You ought to travel a bit around to see the full beauty of this wonderful place. What is featured on the image above is worth dying for – the Hallstatt lake will blow your mind away and stay in your memories forever. Aside from that, you can also visit Dachstein Salzkammergut as well as the fascinating cities of Salzburg, Innsbruck and Graz.

Next unique destination for honeymoon is Greenland. Just because everyone else is planning a vacation in the south does not necessarily mean that you have to take the same route. Why not to explore a bit of the north as well? Especially, when we are talking about such a mysterious and understudied place. Ice cakes, lots of snow, freezing temperatures and plenty of emotions are what is awaiting for you in this journey.

Those of you who want to get a feeling of freedom and total harmony with nature, pack your luggage and head to Kenya! There is hardly any other continent except for Africa that can provide with such a strong and close affiliation to the environment. The unique landscapes as well as beautiful flora and fauna will take your breath away and definitely stay in your memories as the most adventurous trip in your life.

Vietnam is not featured in the list of the most visited Southeast Asian countries. And this is such a shame! It is not only about Indonesia, Malaysia and other popular locations that are worth being checked out. Vietnam is a fascinating country with amazing and extremely unique traditions and strikingly wonderful sights. So plan your honeymoon accordingly and get overwhelmed by the charm of this culture.

The hot springs of Iceland are something else you will enjoy during your trip to this beautiful country. This is also quite an unexpected destination point for a couple planning to spend honeymoon. You are not likely to see a lot of just-marrieds strolling along the top sights of this European country. Yet, this makes it even more attractive, doesn’t it?

Costa Rica will offer you a bite on how a true paradise might look like. The land of pure nature and beautiful harmony is full of enchanting waterfalls, misty crater lakes and rich jungles. You can explore the fascinating sights by kayak, foot or horseback – you will get plenty of positive emotions either way. There is hardly any other place that can provide the couple with such a great combination of nature and culture, so it is definitely worth being visited and admired.

Laos is another Far East country that is not visited quite often. Or else it might be a popular destination point, but then just for regular tourists rather than the just married couples. You will be a hundred percent overwhelmed by the adorable scenes and cultural sights that manage to owe such a rich mixture of beautiful landscapes and treasured traditions. The historical locations will provide you with a hundred of fascinating stories, while the natural conditions will allow you to fully enjoy kayaking, rock-climbing or rafting.

Last but not least comes probably the most mysterious and in a sense terrifying destination for honeymoon. Dracula’s Castle in Romania has a been an attraction for large numbers of tourists for quite a while. However very seldom has the castle hosted sweet couples. In case you and your beloved one are fans of horror stories, you definitely have to go for this location.

These were the alternative honeymoon destination points that are worth being visited. Why to go for cliche routes when you can explore new places and get a hundred times more emotions and memories?

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