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How to Pack for a Tropical Honeymoon

honeymoon-luggage-suitcasePacking for the honeymoon could be fun and stressful at the same time. However keep in mind that packing light can help you to avoid some stress from the honeymoon planning. Based on the duration of the honeymoon, you can share one suitcase with your partner and have the separate carry-on bags with the change clothes, various gadgets and other items that you don’t want to carry in the suitcase.

Don’t forget to check the airline regulations regarding the liquids transportation and luggage size, also figure  the luggage checking fees.

How to pack for the tropical honeymoon

Don’t try to bring as much clothing as possible for “just in case” situations. You’d better check the weather beforehand in order to bring the suitable garments. Also, even if you have 5 distinct swimming suits, it would be an extra bringing all of them. Make sure to carry along the pair of pajamas and sexy lingerie sets for those romantic nights with your groom.
Include in your honeymoon wardrobe garments that you will be able to mix and match. For instance, in case with the bride the light trousers, skirts and shorts could be perfectly matched with the distinct tops. This will not only deliver you from the laundry, but also free some space in your suitcase. As for men, the t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts along with the pair of shorts and khakis are the key items that don’t require too much room.
Don’t bring along the toiletries and the blow dryer. Almost every hotel provides its guest with the necessary toiletries like shampoo, body wash and conditioner. Besides, the blow dryers are also provided by the hotels. Also take into consideration that straightening irons could be useless in the humid tropical climate: instead use the curling or frizz balm.
Women should think about replacing the habitual pants, skirts and tops with the comfy sundresses. They require less room the suitcase and will keep you cool during the hottest days. Moreover, they are the perfect wear for the romantic going out when worn along with the jacket or light cardigan. Men, in turn, should pack the jeans, shorts, khakis or cotton pants- all the garments that are unlikely to get wrinkled. Both men and women should bring the pairs of dressy shoes for the nights out along with the flip-flops and tennis shoes for excursions.
Bring a few “just in case” garments such as the warm sweatshirt for the chilly nights, tennis shoes or the cocktail dress for the unforeseen attending the theater. Come up with the list of events you plan to do on your honeymoon and pack all the garments you may need.

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