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Budget-Friendly Honeymoon

Beach StarfishIn the economical crises environment, more and more couples are searching for the budget-friendly honeymoon ideas. For those who still want to indulge themselves without spending the fortune we have prepared the useful tips on planning and setting the saving honeymoon.

Tips on cheap honeymoon

Start searching for the honeymoon journey 9-12 prior the actual date. In case you find a great deal, don’t decelerate- go ahead and purchase it immediately since there are plenty of those who are looking for the cheap trips as well. But in fact, the majority of travel agents recommend start the active search about two months in advance. Look at the prices every day or two until you find the great offer.


Look around: look for options with two or three distinct travel agents or travel websites. Find some information about the off-season fees. We all know that the price on the popular travel destination drop after the peak-season. Besides, it allows to avoid the crowds and spend the honeymoon with the maximum intimacy.
Check whether your credit card has the travel benefits, otherwise purchase another credit card that have more accompanying benefits. Also keep in mind that using the credit cards during the vacations is safer than the check cards owing to their security factor.
Become the member of the frequent flyer club even if you are not a regular traveler. The membership might be even free of charge and you may consequently get a lot of benefits.
Stay over the Saturday night in order to get the lowest air fairs and hotel rates. Compare the several ways of travelling like driving, flying and shipping.
You current employer might assist you in obtaining the discounts at certain airlines or hotels. For instance, he might be an AAA or an alumni association member.

Declare to the whole world that you are having a honeymoon. Besides the special treatment, which is already pleasing, you might get the additional discounts.
Stay away from the hotel restaurants. As a rule they are very expensive. Also, try to avoid using the mini bar in the room since hotels charge high prices for the mini bar items.


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