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7 Reasons Why You Need A Flower Girl

Beautiful flower girl
Beautiful flower girl
There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when it comes to a wedding. Tiny teeny things to note and some more major ones to solve out right away. And of course most of the time we make decisions in a quite spontaneous manner – as there is really not that much time to think over. Instead of drawing fast conclusions, it is recommended to get familiarized with a couple of tips beforehand and then proceed with all the appropriate preparations. Below are some useful information regarding the cutest guests and participants of your ceremony – flower girls. While often time there are debates going on on the matter of how necessary it is to dress up the lovely young ladies and delegate them power to carry flowers around, why don’t we find out what advantages it would give you? I am pretty sure that after weighing it all up, you will be able to say your final word.

Flower Girls: What Is Their Role?

First and foremost, just imagine how wonderful and gorgeous these beautiful girls would look in their awesome dresses and intricate hair styles. No one will ever be able to resist this child power. You can be sure that the smiles will stick to your guests’ faces for quite a long time with these fairies roaming around. Just this mere fact should already make one decide upon this issues once and forever: what else if not cheerful and happy faces of your reception attendees will make the best audience in the universe?

You can design the outfits for your flower girls in any possible way you want: make them match the style of your reception or contrast with your wedding dress. Either way you will receive an outstanding outcome that is worth working for. There are so many available kinds of fabric and adornment today that one has the whole world at their disposal. Lace, tulle, organza, tulle, silk – whatever you choose it will look awesome and striking. And you do not have to dress all the girls in the same way: you can vary the items color- or fabric-wise or else embellish the pieces in a different way.

Who said that it is only about girls? We are promoting gender equality on the lowest level possible, so yes – you can also involve boys. Or even better – why not to pair the cutest children up and create even more striking impression? I can clearly see this picture in my mind: a beautiful and lovely girl with ribboned curly hair is walking (dancing/standing/playing) next to the elegantly dressed up boy – in a tow and suit. I would find it very hard to bump into such a show and sty indifferent towards the cutie ones.

And this is not only flowers that a flower girl carry around. All kinds of stuff: from colorful balloons to the bright confetti and yummy sweets, these tiny creatures can add up a very playful and cute touch to your reception. You can creates various compositions with the help of your little friends: if you start the preparation ahead of time, you might even end up with a small show from the best performers ever. Songs, dances DIYs – these are those things that you can expect if you decide to proceed with the flower-girl arrangement.

We are moving in a slightly reversed direction now and I would like to discuss the key criteria for nominating your flower girls and boys. Keep in mind that there is no a strict amount of the kids whom you can appoint for this valuable and incredibly important post. Hence, you can go for as many cuties as you want – be it a whole crowd of loud and naughty children, or just one single young lady with a flower basket, you will end up with a fascinating story. And to make it happen, choose those boys ad girls who will not be afraid of staying in public. Normally, those who attend drama or poetry classes at school are the best candidates for the position of you helpers. The less shy the child is, the easier it will be to communicate with him or her.

These were some most important points to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a flower girl for your wedding reception. The gallery below contains some cute and very appealing examples of gorgeous flower girls and boys. They all serve as an indication to the high necessity of having such a child attending your reception and helping me out.

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