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How to Wear the Wedding and Engagement Rings

Once the wedding day and honeymoon are left behind and the new life in the new status starts, you should learn the distinct aspects of the married life. For instance, the etiquette of wearing the wedding and engagement rings, which often raises questions among the contemporary brides. There are no exact rules, just traditions, so it is up to you deciding on the way you want to incorporate your wedding and engagement rings in your everyday life.

How to wear a wedding and engagement rings

The style of the rings will predetermine the way you will be wearing them. In case the two rings are welded, you don’t have many options of wearing them. If they come as separate pieces, think about merging them.
Consider your wedding rings design since the simple band without the stone inside or alongside will look strange on your finger, while the elegant band with a few solitaires will look gorgeous when worn by its own or along with the engagement ring.
Find out about the regional or cultural traditions of wedding rings wearing. In fact in some countries wearing the wedding ring on the left hand will lead to the bad luck, while in other cultures it is appropriate wearing it on the right one. Usually the wedding rings should be worn on the third finger that is also called ring finger.wedding-engagement-ring

It is common wearing the two rings on the same finger, but you can still separate them if you don’t like the combination. An alternative way is wearing an engagement ring on the right hand finger.wedding-engagement-ring
It is up to you deciding on the way to wear the two rings on the same finger. Well, there is no much to choose from: either the wedding band precedes the engagement ring and thus is closer to your heart. Another way is wearing the wedding ring outside of the engagement ring since the wedding solidifies the engagement into an enduring union.wedding-engagement-ring

Tips on wearing the wedding and engagement rings

If you don’t even consider wearing your engagement ring on the right hand, think about wearing it on the middle finger of the left hand close to your wedding band.

If you used to take off your engagement ring when cleaning or working, consider wearing it outside the wedding ring in order to exclude the often switching of rings.wedding-engagement-ring

In case you have the swelling knuckles on your fingers, you may wear the two rings on a chain.

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