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Wedding Décor: Twinkle Lights

twinkle-lights-weddingTwinkle lights are the simple way to add the magic feel to any wedding celebration. Hanging them to the walls and ceilings will allow creating the unique ambiance in the fairytale style.

One of the advantages of the twinkle lights: they could be hung in the different ways and could be decorated with the corresponding candles and decorative elements. Besides, since they come in different hues, they could easily match your wedding theme or stick with the classical option: gold or silver lights.

How to decorate your wedding with twinkle lights

Twinkle lights on the trees
One of the ways is suspending the twinkle lights to the trees and bushes in case you are having the outdoor wedding. In case you plan the indoor wedding, consider hanging the twinkle lights on the trees and bushes by the reception venue entrance if there are some, otherwise consider placing some potted plants near the entrance area.
Twinkle lights on the tables
Illuminate your tables with the twinkle lights by putting some under the table cloths. You may intensify the glowing effect by additional placing the can lights.
Twinkle lights against the background
Placing the twinkle lights against and across the backdrop of the bride and groom’s sitting places will imitate the nightsky effect.
Twinkle lights on the décor elements
Interweave the twinkle lights into the grating of the arbours, screens and arcs in order to create the magic vibe. Strings of the gold and silver twinkle lights will accentuate these elements when the base lights will be off. In case you are having the outdoor wedding, the twinkle lights will simply outline these elements in the evening. You may enhance the magic vibe by complementing the twinkle lights with the candles and votives placed on the tables, buffet stands and other elements.

Tips on decorating your wedding reception with twinkle lights

Apply the dimmer switch or customize the lights to glow at the distinct intervals for the diversity.

You may use the icicle type of lighting for the backdrop.Twinkle-lights-wedding-reception

Consider placing the twinkle lights around the fountains for the striking effect.

Can lights can create the staggering shining effect around the hung twinkle lights.


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