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Ideas of Presenting Wedding Favors

Wedding favors
The wedding favors, bridal shower favors and baby shower favors are usually the part of the table settings just like other elements of the decorations like flowers, settings and linen. It is the way of saying thank to the people that attend your wedding or shower, so the presentation of the favor is just as important as the gift itself. The creativity and the individual approach can really make the difference.

Wedding favors presenting tips

Opt for the nice packaging such as the gift boxes, ribbons, custom labels and some extra time and effort to make the favors look tidy and tasteful. This way the content won’t really matter.

Don’t forget to personalize the favors since it is the expression of gratitude, so the key thing is the though. You can make the wedding favors more personalized by incorporating the engraving, decorating them with the personalized ribbons, placing the unique message or printing your names and the dates of wedding. Hand printing is the most often used technique to give the personal touch. In case your handwriting is not as beautiful as you wish, hire the professional calligrapher. Laser engraving will give your favor a classy and expensive look.
Make your wedding favors practical and functional by attaching the tag with the guests’ names and table numbers to the wedding favors. Then place them on the table by the entrance to serve as escort cards.
Another way to personalize your favor is tying the hang tag with the monogram or the wedding date. The tags could differentiate by the shape, size and color.
wedding favors
The good idea is having the breakaway center composition with the centerpiece consists of the several elements, which guests can take home as the wedding favors. Usually, that is the flowers arrangement that is made up of the smaller vases. The same thing you may do with the packaged wedding favors by placing the boxes in the middle of the table.
wedding favors
In case you plan to have a lot of food on the tables, you may hang the wedding favors from the chairs. This is not only an original way of presenting the favors, but also the method of dressing up the chairs. The only thing is using the bags with handles so that you can easily attach the ribbon to the wedding favors.
Neat idea for the Christmas wedding is having the wedding favors tree. All you will need are the mini silver place frames or things like the bookmarks and charms. The main prescription is lightness of the favors. In case you wedding is taking care in the season other than the Christmas Eve, you may use the potted tree. Hang the favors on the tree using the twine.
Piling the wedding favors in the basket placed by the door is another way of presenting your guests with the memorable gifts about your wedding.
wedding favors
You can also bring into play children at your wedding reception. They can walk around with the baskets filled with the favors and pass them to hand them to each guest. The only problem- children can easily leave someone out.
Candles will always remain the classy wedding favors. They include all the features the couple is looking for: they are romantic, beautiful and budget-friendly. Besides, they are offered in the great variety of sizes, styles, colors, designs and scents, what make them even more appealing.Don’t forget to opt for the matching candles and the candle holders. You may either combine them based on the monochromatic color gamma or go for the colors that boldly contrast each other.
You may consider the votives or votive holders as the wedding guest favors. Don’t forget to personalize them or simply pick the stylish votive holders that you guests will want to take home with them.


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