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Guide on Choosing Wedding Dress for Pregnant Brides

Guide on Wedding Dress for Pregnant Brides
Some expectant brides mistakenly think that they have a narrow choice of the wedding dress styles. However, nowadays there are plenty of beautiful wedding dress options for the pregnant brides. Our simple tips will help you look stunning on the most important day in your life.

How to Choose the Wedding Dress if You are Pregnant

Purchase the wedding dress close to the wedding day

You should keep in mind that your baby bump is going to increase from month to month, so in order to avoid the pricey alterations it is necessary to buy the wedding gown as close to the wedding day as possible (1 or 2 months prior). This way you will only need a single adjustment. In fact the wedding dresses in the empire style provide with enough space for the bump growing, so you won’t need any alterations at all.

Wear a sash

Expecting brides are the wonderful image, so make an accent on your waist by wearing the colored sash. Looking for the inspiration? Simply take a look at Drew Barrymoore’s wedding dress, which she adorned with the black belt.

Guide on Wedding Dress for Pregnant Bride

Flash some leg

Those brides who want to flash some leg at their summer weddings may consider opting for the short wedding dresses. You will not only appear chic and sexy, but also vow everyone with your bold look.

Wear colored wedding gown

In case you cannot find your perfect wedding dress in the stores, simply draw your attention to the colored alternatives, which are getting more and more popular nowadays. Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani and Jessica Biel are among other A-list celebrities that chose the colorful wedding gowns instead of the customary white ones.

Don’t wear heels

As an expecting bride, your comfort is something that matters the most. In order to prevent the feet aching, simply bring along two pairs of shoes. Wear the shoes with the low heels to the wedding ceremony, while the ballet flats is a perfect option for wearing for the rest of the day. Believe me no one will judge you from dancing your first dance in the flats.

I hope these essential tips will help you when wedding outfit shopping. With a bit of efforts you will be able to find the beautiful gowns that will perfectly suit your baby bump. Simply be open to trying the dresses of distinct silhouettes and styles to find the right one.

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