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What Bridal Garters Symbolize

Traditionally the practice of taking off the bride’s garter originally came from the idea that having a piece from bride’s outfit brings a good luck. It might sound odd, but in the ancient times the wedding guests tried to tear off the part of the bride’s clothes. Since this tradition leaded to the bridal gown ripping, the alternative methods were developed in order to preserve the bride’s clothing.

What do the bridal garters symbolize

Early traditions
In the early practices guests tended to rush the bride to walk down the altar or even to the bedroom to keep one of her garters. So, in order to avoid the unneeded rushing, the brides started removing the garters themselves.
In fact throwing of the garter very soon became a superstition. It was considered that the man who receives the bride’s garter had the good luck throughout the year. In case he gave the garter to the female he liked, he was guaranteed to win her love.
Ripping into pieces
Consequently the tradition developed into the one, when the best man takes the garter and eventually rips it into small pieces and throws them to the guests.
Garter instead of the hatband

During the 17th century, the garter in the shape of sash was considered to be a valuable trophy and the one who gets it, could wear this symbol of the good luck around his hat during the entire celebration.
Modern tradition
Nowadays the tradition of the groom taking off the garter is an inalienable part of the wedding reception, which provides the great opportunities for striking photos. After the garter is removed, the groom throws it to the crowd of male guests.
How to wear the garter
Usually the garter is to be worn on the right leg, right above the knee. Often the bride wears the two garters- one to be removed during the reception and the other for the wedding night.

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